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The Toula Museum of Australia Inc. is a primarily an online Museum. 

The Museum collects and preserves original artefacts and memorabilia related to the village of Toula North Lebanon, as well Lebanon and Phoenicia, in order to make these available for research and display for Australians, online. 

Items range from cultural objects to many books, articles, documents and other lecture notes and academic material, held in the custody of a Committee Member of the Museum. 

The Museum relies on the generosity of its member donors to extend and maintain these collections. All support is gratefully received and acknowledged.

This page has descriptions and images of objects and of library items in the collection. The text is by Nicholas Hardwick.

If you wish to make a donation and/or loan of any item that you believe may be suitable for display by or use by the Museum to help the Museum achieve its Objects, then you may contact the the Museum. 

The Toula Museum of Australia Inc. has a Collections Policy which acts as a guide for how the Museum and its staff are to deal with all catalogued items and artifacts. The "Objects, Purpose and Mission" of the Museum and its collection has been reproduced on our Mission Statement page. If visitors to our Museum would like to see a full copy of the Policy, they can email us via our Contact Us page.