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Apart from Permanent Exhibitions that are hosted by the Toula Museum of Australia from time to time, the Museum has hosted Temporary Exhibitions, usually at the Annual Gala Dinner of the Museum. The Museum has not held an Annual Gala Dinner in 2020, 2021 and 2022, primarily due to the impact of Covid 19, but plans on holding an Annual Gala Dinner in 2023. The topic or theme of the Temporary Exhibition will usually vary from Exhibition to Exhibition and will focus on a particular aspect of Toulanian, Lebanese and Phoenician heritage. Temporary Exhibitions take place in many different forms, including but not limited to:

  • The screening of films, photographic and/or videographic documentaries;
  • The delivery of speeches;
  • The presentation of lectures;
  • Information sessions;
  • Any Annual Gala Dinner and Exhibition, with a focus on particular artistic, cultural, historical or scientific items on display; 
  • Occasional events such as Open Events for members, friends, associates and the Australian public, with a focus on food and/or music and/or other items of art and/or cultural significance which may be demonstrated or be on display, including BBQ events exhibiting folkoric dancing or Commemorative events, such as Mass services in memory of the departed of the Village of Toula, Lebanon;
  • Other cultural or heritage related activities.

This section of the website lists the Past Exhibitions and the Future Exhibitions that are planned by the Museum.