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Mission Statement

The intention of the Toula Museum of Australia is to educate and inform the Australian public about the culture, history and heritage of the inhabitants of the north Lebanese village of Toula, Lebanon and the Greater Pheonician region.

In very short form, the mission statement of the Toula Museum of Australia is:

To educate the Australian Public in relation to the art, history and science of the Village of Toula, North Lebanon, as well as the country of Lebanon and the ancient civilisation and/or geographical location of Phoenicia.

The Objects of the Toula Museum of Australia are also listed in the Constitution, which is available upon request by any existing of prospective member.

The Collections Policy consolidates the Museum's intentions, as these have been articulated sicne the foundation of the institution, and has stated them under the following commencement provision:

1. Basis of Policy

(a) The policy has been prepared on the following basis, given the history of the Museum, its present aims and what is seen as its future direction; as an Accredited Museum, adopting accepted professional standards for the ownership of cultural property and improving these standards on an on-going basis will enhance this direction; to acquire and maintain a relevant and substantial collection that fits its mission and objectives:

(i) The Museum’s Objects, Purpose and Mission is as follows:

The Toula Museum of Australia Incorporated is dedicated to documenting and teaching, as well as projecting and promoting to the Australian Public, the art, history and science of the Village of Toula, North Lebanon, as well as the Country of Lebanon and the greater geographical area of ancient Phoenicia. The Objects of the Toula Museum of Australia Incorporated ensure that the functions of the Toula Museum of Australia Incorporated are limited strictly to museum practice and museum business.

We aim to be a nexus of information for those members of the public who are interested in becoming familiar with the Lebanese community living in Australia, and who would like to know more about how this community has contributed to the evolution of Australian society in the twentieth and twenty first century.

As the world becomes further interconnected between different cultures and people, and as the forces of globalization touch upon the lives of a greater number of individuals, we believe that the Museum will become one of the more important institutions that chronicle the development of Australian culture from the perspective of one of its more recent and active newer members.

We welcome visitors to our online Permanent and Temporary Exhibitions and hope that your experience has been informative, educational and stimulating.

We cannot watch history pass us by - we must make history.

The future is our hope.