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Volunteer Opportunities

The Toula Museum of Australia Inc. is a Charitable Body and is a not for profit organisation.

The Museum is continuously seeking Museum Volunteers to assist the Museum Staff with Curatorial matters as well as Exhibition preparation and the ongoing Exhibitions that are held by the Museum.

All persons interested in applying to become a Volunteer of the Museum should make their Application to:

Committee Curatorial Delegate

Toula Museum of Australia Inc

GPO BOX 4404



Your application should include the following:

  • A cover letter, making brief reference to the following:
    • Your full contact details,
    • Reasons why you wish to become a volunteer,
    • Any experience working in museums or archives,
    • Any experience with bodies, groups, organisations, association or other institutions which have a fous on or interest in history, migration, or have otherwise been educational in thier scope of activity,
  • A resume of past employment and/or volunteer history.


All applications will be considered. Do not be discouraged if you believe that you do not satisfy any criteria above. All candidates will be weighed in accordance with their skills, qualities and abilities.

The Toula Museum of Australia Inc. has a Volunteer Policy which can be made available to prospective candidates upon request. If you would like to see a copy, please email us via our Contact Us page.