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Compliance & Curatorial

The Museum places a strong emphasis on compliance with Legislation and the establishment of a strongly founded Curatorial Division.


The Museum is an Association registered in New South Wales pursuant to the Associations Incorporation Act 2001 (NSW), associations number INC9892358. The Public Officer of the Museum is Monzer Farah.

The Museum is also recognised as a Charitable Body and has a Charitable Fundrasing Permit from the Office of Gaming, Liquor and Racing (CFN/21404).

Tax Concession and DGR Status

The Museum is formally recognised by the ATO as a Charitable Institution and is endorsed by the ATO as a Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) entity, which essentially means that any Gifts to the Museum over $ 2.00 are tax deductible.  The DGR status of the Museum is a significant achievement for the Museum and its members and most importantly, the Australian Public.


The Museum engages the services of a Consultant to the Museum, Dr Nicholas Hardwick, who serves as the Curatorial Director of the Museum.

Dr Hardwick is responsible for all academic decision making in the museum, in consultation with the Committee Committee. 

Dr Hardwick's knowledge of the ancient Near East, Greece and Rome, church history, the culture of the eastern Mediterranean in the mediaeval and modern periods, and his knowledge of French, makes Dr Hardwick ideally suited for the role in a museum of Lebanese heritage and culture.  Dr Hardwick undertakes research, writes publications, gives lectures at Temporary Exhibitions, prepares the exhibitions and takes responsibility for the artefact collection, held in the custody of a Volunteer of the Museum.

Dr Hardwick studied Latin and Classical Greek, Archaeology and Ancient History at the University of Sydney and was awarded a Bachelor of Arts degree.  Dr Hardwick then attended the University of Oxford in England and wrote a thesis on ancient coinage for which he was awarded a degree of Doctor of Philosophy (DPhil).  Dr Hardwick has published widely on the ancient history of the Mediterranean, taught at universities in Greece and Australia and held curatorial positions in Australia.

The Toula Museum of Australia Inc. places emphasis on engaging only the most highly qualified Curators and resolved to engage Dr Hardwick after a detailed submission had been prepared by Dr Hardwick and submitted to the Museum Committee. The Museum is proud of the leadership role that Dr Hardwick plays in the Curatorial Division of the Museum and the greater Community.

The Toula Museum of Australia Inc. benefits from the following policy documents which outline, among other things, the responsibilities, duties and rights of its staff and volunteers:

  • Operations Policy and Manual;
  • Collections Policy;
  • Fraud Policy;
  • Volunteer Policy;
  • Occupational Health and Safety Policy.


All requests for access to these documents should be made to the Public Officer via our Contact Us page on this website.

The Museum seeks to be a relevant and progressive institution, and accordingly looks towards the future. Our aims, objectives, benchmarks and milestones are assessed and re-assessed in light of available resources.

Members of the public who wish to support us in our mission, may do so by either becoming members of the Museum, donating their time as volunteers or donating funds.