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Committee & Volunteer Staff

The Committee of the Toula Museum of Australia Inc comprises:

Public Officer (Official) - Monzer Farah 

President - Edmond Lahoud 

Vice President - Joe Farah

Treasurer - Jihad Farah 

Vice Treasurer - Paul Zada 

Secretary - Sandra Mezher

Vice Secretary - Gabi Dagher

Ordinary Commitee Member - Jaymie-Leigh Abboud 

Ordinary Committee Member - Alanah Tannous 

Ordinary Committee Member - Carlos Daher 

Ordinary Committee Member - Claudia Boustany 

Ordinary Committee Member - Peter Zada 

A Special General Meeting of the Museum was held on 11 December 2010, where it is was Resolved to amend the Constitution so that the Committee might include up to fifteen (15) persons.

If any member wishes to nominate for a position on the Committee, please contact the Museum through its Public Officer, Monzer Farah, on the deatils provided onthe Contact Us page.