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Museum Meetings

To ensure appropriate quality controls and review processes are in place for the quality of the output of the Museum, the Curatorial Director, at the request of the Committee, has traditionally since the inception of the Museum, when requried to do so, conducted meetings referred to amongst members of the Museum Management as "Museum Meetings", at which the Director has, with a nominated Volunteer of the Museum, discussed and agreed upon strategic matters to be attended to, in the operation of the Museum.

Museum meetings play a very critical role in the operation of the Museum, as these allow the Committee Curatorial Delegate (the ordinary member Volunteer who has delegated authority from the Committee as regards Curatorial matters, from time to time) to provide and relay to the Curatorial Director, the strategic direction and guidance and further delegated instructions as regards Curatorial matters pertaining to the Museum.

Matters that have usually been discussed at Museum Meetings include:

  • The planning of Temporary Exhibitions, including proposed content for lectures provided at these Temporary Exhibitions and proposed running sheets for the carrying out of these Exhibitions;
  • The planning and preparation of the Permanent Exhibitions, launched online, in this website;
  • The strategy to be implemented for the continued development and building of the Museum Collection, being its collection of physical objects and artefacts, as well as other items present in the Museum Library.


Other matters that can be discussed at the Museum Meetings include the contents of the Public Comment Register and any implications that any recent comments may have in relation to the collection and its administration, as well as the External Organisations Interaction Register.