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Visitor Information

The Museum is an online Museum.

The Museum can be contacted on the Museum Mobile number which is 0450 117 629.

The email address for the Curatorial Director is nicholas.hardwick@alumni.sydney.edu.au.

The Museum holds objects and artefacts, in the custody of a Volunteer of the Museum and from time to time, a selection of these objects and artefacts will be made available for viewing, at Temporary Exhibitions.  

Lectures will usually (but not always) be held by Dr Hardwick, at any Temporary Exhibitions, to maximise the exposure of the Museum and to project its image far and beyond its location, in Sydney.

The Museum has historically held an Annual Gala Dinner every year and it is intended that the Museum will hold an Annual Gala Dinner in 2023, which is open to all members of the Australian Public.  At the Annual Gala dinner, the Museum presents a beautiful painting of St Assia, as well as other cultural heritage dancing and music.