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Past Exhibitions

2017 Annual Gala and Exhibition - 15 October 2017

Up until 2015, the Toula Museum of Australia Incorporated held regular Temporary Exhibitions, on a regular basis, at its then Premises, at 309 Pitt Street, Sydney. 
In early 2016, it was resolved that Future Temporary Exhibitions of the Museum would be held on an Annual Basis and incorporated into the Annual Gala Dinner, held each year, at the Annual gala Dinner. 
The 2016 Annual Gala Dinner and Exhibition was a successful events and specific information on this Temporary exhibitions can be found at the relevant links in this section of the website. 
Further to the successful Annual 2016 Annual Gala Dinner and Exhibition, the focus of the 2017 was also a hand-painting of St Assia, but this time demonstrating, in the photograph, the healing power that is attributed to St Assia, in History.  A hand painting of St Assia, exhibited to be performing a "healing act", and painted by and contributed to the Museum by Danielle Ayoub, was on display.  A photograph and an extract of from a Facebook script relating to this significant item, is shown here.  
In the Year 2017, the Annual Gala dinner was held at the Grande royal Reception Lounge, at 51 South Street, Granville. 
Members of the Australian Public were invited to the event.  Also in attendance was His Excellency, Dr Hardwick, Curatorial Director of the Museum. 
The event serves as an opportunity for Members of the Museum, members of the Australian Public and other friends of the Toula Museum of Australia Incorporated, to unite and celebrate the cultural, historical and scientific importance and significance of the Village of Toula, the country of Lebanon and of greater Phoenician history. 
At the Annual Gala dinner, persons in attendance also watched Photographic and Videographic displays of the Village of Toula, as well as enjoyed Arabic Poetry and Music and associated Folkloric dancing. 
The event was a major success.