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Past Exhibitions

Mikhail Farah: An Arabic Poet from Toula, North Lebanon [9 June 2011]

On 9 June 2011, the Toula Museum of Australia Inc. in conjunction with The Department of Arabic and Islamic Studies, The University of Sydney, held an Exhibition and Lecture by Dr Nijmeh Hajjar, Chair, Department of Arabic and Islamic Studies, University of Sydney entitled “Mikhail Farah: An Arabic Poet from Toula, North Lebanon”. Prior to the Lecture by Dr Hajjar, Mr Monzer Farah, Vice-President of the Toula Museum of Australia Inc. and son of Mikail Farah, delivered an Appreciation of the life of Mikhail Farah (1927-1975).

The Lecture was held at the Nicholson Museum, University of Sydney, on Thursday 9 June 2011.   The Lecture was accompanied by a display of photographs from the collection of the museum and a copy of Mikhail Farah’s book will also be on display.  Al small Reception was held.  Many members of the General Public attended, together with other persons of Toulanian heritage.

A copy of the Notice for the Lecture is attached.

Download Invitation [PDF]

Download Introduction to Lecture [PDF]