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Toula: the humble village, setting new horizons in new times

10. Public Service

Members of the village have been prominent in public service both in the village, in Lebanon and in the countries to which they have migrated, such as Australia.  Examples include Antoun Saad, senior officer in the Lebanese army.

Other examples include the many people in public service, army, police, and local council.

The first municipality was established in 1951.  In 1963, the municipal council was formed, composed of the following people: Nawfal Saad (President); Members: Ramez Barakat, Mousa Daher, Asia Jilwan, Lattouf Saad, Youssef Saad, Nasif Safi, Antonios Shahla.  The composition of members has of course changed over the years.  In 1998, seven members, out of 15 candidates, along with two from the village of Aslout, were elected to form the municipal council.  Those from Toula were Emile Safi (President), George Farah (Vice President), and the other members were Antoine Daher, Sarkis Jelwan, Hanna Nkoula, Sayed Saad and Michel Younis.

The village has a ‘Mukhtar’ or head of the village.  The word means ‘chosen’ in Arabic, because the person is often selected by consensual means, such as by election, and the position exists in many Arab countries.

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