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Toula: the humble village, setting new horizons in new times

“Toula: the humble village, setting new horizons in new times” is an online Permanent Exhibition, which seeks to educate Australians about the art, history and science of the greater Phoenicia.  Topics included in this Online Permanent Exhibition include:

  1. Academic
  2. Agricultural
  3. Art
  4. Busines
  5. Cultural
  6. Education
  7. Family
  8. History
  9. Migration
  10. Public Service
  11. Religion
  12. Other Special Achievements

The research for this permanent exhibition has been conducted by the Curatorial Director, Dr. Nicholas Hardwick, who is a graduate of Sydney University’s humanities curriculum, and who received his Doctor of Philosophy from Oxford University. Among other things, Dr. Hardwick has extensive experience in the research and study of ancient Mediterranean civilization and culture. More information about his professional and academic expertise can be found on the Curatorial section of this site.

All references are contained in the notes and bibliography to the Permanent Exhibition. The Toula Museum of Australia Incorporated acknowledges that various interpretations can be placed on the artifacts and items contained in the museum’s collection, and that these will potentially depend on the context and perspective of each visitor. We encourage feedback and welcome any correspondence that can be sent to us via the contact page located on this website.