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Future Exhibitions

A series of Temporary Exhibitions by way of Lectures are planned for 2020 in Sydney, commencing in March 2020.

It is is expected that three diffierent Lecture topics will be delivered in 2020, with each lecture topic to be repeated once in a second lecture, to be held in close proximity to the first lecture (so, in total, six lectures to be conducted). 

One lecture for each of the topics is intended to be delivered in Sydney CBD, with the remaining lecture intended to be held at a Tempoary Exhibition which is expected to be attended to by members of the Australian Public of Toulanian heritage as well as the broader Australian Community. 

It is proposed that, at each of the Lectures to be held, that a few items from the Collection of the Artefacts and Objects of the Museum, as well as some of the written material and literature of the Museum, will be on display and an address will be made about these items, by the Curatorial Director, Dr Nicholas Hardwick. 

Notice of the actual dates of the lectures will be provided in this section of the website.

The fee for entry will be $30.00 each. 

Lectures will usually be limited in capacity of persons who may attend, to ensure class sizes that are sufficiently small enough to allow interaction of all attendees with the Curatorial Director, as well as the ability of all those in attendance to ask any questions as well as closely observe the presentations and lecture material. 

Seats can be reserved on a first-in, first serve basis. 

The content of past exhibitions and lectures will be made available on the Past Exhibitions page for broader public viewing.

For reservations, please contact us through the Contact Us page or the Museum mobile number, listed on the website.