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The Museum has many resources available for use, including books, other original and rare documents, various articles, journals, dvds and other information.

The collection includes numerous artifacts, objects and documents and texts examining and addressing, amongst other things:

  • Poetry written by Michael Farah (deceased);
  • Other texts and articles written by persons of Toulanian heritage;
  • Lebanon generally;
  • The Phoencians;
  • The Maronite Religion;
  • Toulanian history.


The Museum's Library Catalogue is available upon request, and all items that are listed within it are availbale for inspection by appointment.

The resources of the Museum are managed by the Curatorial Delegate of the Museum and are kept at the Museum premises at Level 10, 309 Pitt Street, Sydney.  Bookings for visits to view the resources of the Museum are essential.

Importantly, the Museum holds a list of all Family names and members of the Australian Public who the Museum Committee has identified as having a Toulanian heritage.  For details as to this, please email the Committee Curatorial Delegate, or the Volunteer Curatorial Assistant via the Contact Us page.